Made - right here - in the UK

Did you know that Suzys was founded in 1954?

Suzy's Dog Fashion in the 50's

Our story starts in a small coastal town in Knokke-Belgium mid-fifties where Marie-Rose and Adriaan Van Der Linde-Cordenier started a dog kennel with a small adjacent shop selling accessories.

Later, their daughter and her husband Suzy and Sylvere started with the manufacturing of our beloved Suzys products in the same town for over 40 years

Now fast forward to the year 2019, Sascha and his wife Kate, the 3rd generation have come into the business. And despite their best efforts, they struggled to find new craftsmen to continue the family tradition. They weren't willing to accept defeat and decided to move against the tide and move both themselves and the business to the UK.

Sascha and Kate - Generation 3

The location of choice was Halifax - smack in the middle of the historic textile region - it was perfect. Today, every single item is crafted with much love and dedication in the Halifax location.

This is done with a marvellous selection of materials, know-how and drive to make Suzy's Dog Fashion the only brand you'll ever want.

The Designs

With British weather in mind, we designed dog items that do not only fit for the rainy weather but also offer British style, originality and uniqueness. Each item we create at Suzy’s tells a story of the finest craftsmanship, the love and the thoughtful process we put into our work.

There is a tremendous focus on fabrics and quality to offer you items uniquely found at Suzy's Dog Fashion. The rigorous selection process is highly focussed on breathability, durability and beauty. And therefor loved by many a pet-owner, worldwide.

Our Brownie Waterproof Carrier