We're moving to our new workshop in England 🇬🇧

Who's on the pic?  Suzy,  Sylvere and Kchuan Chi, 2nd generation.  And Sascha Kate and Saga, the latest generation.

We’re moving to England! 🏘️ Yes, this picture was taken in front of our Belgian atelier 🇧🇪 during our last weeks in Belgium. 

It's hard to say goodbye to the atelier where we worked for 32 years. Suzy and Sylvere built this atelier in 1988 and since then we have been creating every single of your pet products here in this very place. 

 Our ‘old’ atelier in Knokke-Heist-Belgium that was built by Suzy & Sylvere

  Kate working in our ‘old’ atelier

Now, we're getting ready for the next adventure in 🇬🇧 where all of our bags and other gorgeous pet-products will be made for hopefully another 65+ years. (finger crossed) 

 Here are some pictures of our move!

 Sascha & Sylvere moving the first machine from the design-room


The boxes filled with materials & fabrics are ready to be shipped to England 

Saga, our Icelandic sheepdog, making sure we got everything packed🐶

Is our move going to impact the shipment of your order? We will be shipping carriers that are in stock until the 25th of November

What happens after 25th of November? You can 'pre order' all of our items from 26th of November. We will start shipping again from 10th of December once we have settled in in UK.

Do you need your orders asap? Be quick with your orders to make sure they arrive on time!

A personal thank you gift for supporting us during our move 🎁 We will send a personal thank you gift to all the customers who support us during this big change in our lives. All customers who order during our big move (24 November-10th December) will be receiving a personal thank you gift along with their orders. The gift will be a surprise gift -psst..if you're lucky you'll get a dog carrier as a gift! 

And don't forget to follow our journey to the UK on our social media!